Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Sunday Seven

Name seven pet peeves other drivers commit. (A meme from Patrick's Weekender)

1. Pulling out into traffic in front of you and making you slow down when there is no one behind you.

2. Riding on your bumper because you are doing the speed limit and it is not fast enough for them.

3. Changing lanes without looking and causing you to swerve into the next lane or oncoming traffic.

4. When they have their bass on their radio cranked and you can hear it with your windows rolled up, sounding like junk and rattling all the loose stuff on their car.

5. Slowing down, putting the turn signal on, then speeding up and shutting it off more than once at every side street within a one mile radius. Open a map for goodness sakes! (but not while driving!)

6. When they park at an angle and take up more than 1 parking spot so no one will park next to their "hot" car.

7. Putting "cool" auto accessories on an obviously not cool car. No I am sorry, but a Chevy Caprice is not cool enough for rims and ground effects.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Basically, my pet peeve is rude drivers, which pretty much encompasses everything you listed.