Wednesday, January 03, 2007


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Before you go though...I put a little widget* on my page (in the right column) about An Inconvenient Truth. I watched the documentary this evening and found it very intriguing, factual, and believable. Pledge to check it out for yourself and learn more about how you can help save our environment.

*02/01/07 Widget has been removed. Still-check out the movie.


Anonymous said...

my friend john's brother gave everyone in the family a copy of the dvd for christmas. i really want to see this!

Ms. Momma said...

Jake is making a copy...I can send you one if you don't see it before he finishes it.

Jessica said...

Baby's Daddy & I watched An Inconvenient Truth recently on pay per view, and it convinced him! He's been a doubter for years, and now he's been convinced. I couldn't believe it.

Ms. Momma said...

I certainly believe it. Especially since it is January and typically we have tons of snow around here and today it is 50 outside!