Sunday, December 03, 2006

How Festive!

Today Jake finished decorating our house by hanging the top layer of icicle lights. Doesn't it look great? I can't believe Christmas is almost here. We got some snow today that is actually sticking to the ground (after this picture was taken-Jake finished just in time!). Quite a change from the 60 degree weather we've had this week. Is everyone done with their shopping yet? We've knocked off some big items and a few things for James but that's about it. Gotta get moving! Every year we say we're gonna get it done early but it never happens. I don't what the deal is, it's not like Christmas is a surprise.

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Jen to da fer said...

Your house looks absolutely SMASHING, DAHLING! Very nice! Shopping is ALL DONE! Ok, ok, enough applause already! ha ha Did you and Jake put up a real or fake tree? Ry and I bought a fake tree a year ago after xmas so we got a "mad deal" on it. No worrying about needles while we're in an apartment. When we get our own house we'll discuss it again.