Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How are you feeling?

Everything is still going really well. Here's the latest pic and it seems like all my bloating has finally gone away leaving my belly to start to round out. Phew! On Monday we have an appointment for our ultrasound so I'm hoping this kid doesn't feel the need to be modest and shows himself/herself. Especially since I have to drink a quart of water and hold it for an hour! I've come to the realization that people asking "how I'm feeling" grates on my nerves for some reason. Especially if I see them more than once in a week and get the same question. I am sure they are just concerned but I just don't want to hear it.

I had a bit of a fiasco while out shopping yesterday. I decided to take advantage of no sales tax week on clothing and shoes to purchase some maternity pants and sneakers. So I headed to Target which I was sure would be the big winner for the pants. I chose 3 pair and headed off to the dressing room. So, as I am pulling up the first pair, I feel this sharp pain on my thumb. I pull my hand from my pants to see my thumb bleeding profusely. WTH!?! Apparently I somehow cut it on the tag attached to the waist band. So I reach over, and start rummaging through my purse. Do you think I had a napkin or tissue in that huge bag? NO! So I began searching for a bit of paper, as I stand there, in the dressing room, my pants not completely up. I find an adundance of coupons and wrap one around my thumb. !!! Now I've only succeeded in smearing the blood all over. Damn coating! So, with nothing left to do, I popped my thumb in my mouth, with visions of me opening the doors to Target, handling clothes and hangers on the rack that 100 people probably touched. Of course the taste of blood and images of germs turns my stomach, but the bleeding finally stopped. To add insult to injury, I tried all 3 pairs of pants and wasn't satisfied with the styles/cut and ended up buying clothes at Old Navy. And no, in case you are wondering, I didn't get any blood on those first pants that I tried on. Oh! And I got a great deal on a pair of New Balance sneakers at Famous Footwear. Originally $59.99-they were marked down to $39.99 and then had no sales tax! Woohoo!


Jennifer said...
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Ms. Momma said...

Jennifer-my ultrasound isn't until Monday. Also-notice I do not use my real name on the site.