Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Not too much to post lately. Had another OB appointment today and all is well. We got to hear the heartbeat again which is around 152. Seems kind of high doesn't it? It isn't. Apparently baby's heart rates start off crazy high and as the pregnancy progresses and they get bigger, their heartbeat slows down. Only a few days left until the half way point.

Jake had his big 3-0 birthday this weekend. This is the card I made/sent out:

Even though he seemed appprehensive at first, "I don't want to be known as a thirty-something", I think he is okay with the transition. I'm only a few short years away too. *wink*

Well, as someone in my buddy group put it, "Not much but the same old, same old here" I can ditto that. However, I'll take "same old" over drama any day! I've been thinking and reading up about quilting. I need something to do artistically, and not being able to paint (due to the toxic hazards) need another outlet. Still up in the air though. Not much else to report so guess I'll cut this short. Hope love finds all of you!

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