Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th....

*spooky music here* Was last night the full moon or is it tonight? Hope no black cats cross your path.

Jake and I are super excited since tomorrow our new mattress is scheduled to arrive. Right now we are sleeping on a queen sized-full wave, waterbed. As a single lady, this bed was divine! As a married, pregnant woman, it's not so good. When I get up to go pee at 5 am, Jake feels the whole bed shift. When he's laying with his elbow above his head, it's usually resting against my head. Tomorrow we will have a Simmons Sea Breeze king sized mattress as long as it fits up the stairs. Yikes! We are scared it isn't going to fit. We measured and it didn't seem possible-so we called the experts: our dads. Both of them assured us it would we ordered the king instead of the queen. At Bon-Ton, where we caught a magnificent sale, were able to use a 20% off coupon AND save an additional 10% by opening a store credit card, the salewoman told us that the mattress will bend 30 degrees. We hope that's enough to jam it up the tiny staircase leading up to our bedroom. (Luckily the box spring comes in 2 pieces) If it doesn't, the experts are going to have 2 angry children to deal with. Especially since we'll have already drained all the water out of the waterbed by then. We are hoping that since we opted for delivery on the 14th, instead of today, the 13th, we'd have better luck. (The photo shows the hallway in question.)

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