Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Happy Holidays!

My hubby and I decorated our Christmas tree over the weekend. We went with my parents to this tree farm we've been going to for the past several years. It's so fun. We bundle up, drive way out to this farm at the top of a hill on a dead end road and begin our search. We always cut down our own tree. Once you saw it, there are guys on atvs who come around and bring the tree back to the farm where they bundle it for you. In the little shack where you pay, there is free coffee, hot cocoa, and popcorn and you can buy holiday crafts which are for sale. Jake and I always get a wreath for our front door too.

the tree is decorated with my favorite color blue....but I think needs a silver garland. I'll have to pick one up today while I'm out grocery shopping.


Indigo said...

It's so pretty!

Beth Fish said...

I've always wanted to do that and never have. We got our tree today from a nursery.