Monday, December 12, 2005


I've come to the conclusion that I am a terrible blogger. I read so many other blogs which I love. (Does this make me a stalker?) Just kidding! But anyway, I don't update my own on a regular basis, when I do write, I think the topics are pretty blah, and rarely are they entertaining. Ah well. At least for me, I find it interesting to go back and read what I have written before (and I sure have some doosies from back when) so, I guess that's the only thing that's important, right?

So Jake and I "stole" an idea for how we're going to tell our family about the baby next week. Tuesday is my next OB appointment and we get to hear the heartbeat. As long as everything seems kosher-it's the go ahead for our families to finally learn our big secret. So, last night we were going to go out to dinner becuse we got a Christmas gift certificate to this wonderful Italian restaurant, last year, that expired today. So since we had to get dressed up, we decided to take a some pictures in front of the Christmas tree. Our plan is to give each of our parents a framed picture of us, in front of the tree with a note attached. The note will say:

Christmas Tree: $40.00
New Ornaments: $5.99
Knowing there are really three people in this picture: Priceless

So here we are in the living room, me in a skirt and dress shoes, and Jake in dress pants...TRYING not to get dog hair on us (since I hadn't vacuumed in about 2 days) running back and forth between the "set-up" in front of the tree to the tri-pod, to check out how the last picture came out. It was very fun and I think we got some good shots. Maybe I'll put one here after I pull them from the camera. (If Jake is okay with having his picture online)


Indigo said...

I love your idea!!!! That's a great one!

BTW, you go my Jensen Blue, and I go my Indigo Blue, soooooo that means that we must be related. I think Mr. & Mrs. Blue will love the idea! ;-)

kelly said...

that's such a great idea! you should show them to me when i see you, so soon! i'm looking forward to our art projects... you are still up for them, right?

K Jones said...

Have you shown them yet?

Ms. Momma said...

Today is the big show day? :-)