Saturday, September 17, 2005


My photos and images on my sites keep randomly appearing and disappearing. What is going on? What is wrong? Arghh! Guess I'll deal with it tomorrow.

*UPDATE* Must have been a blogger thing, cuz all are working fine today.

I have zero motivation today. I think it's because during the week I spend my time cooking and cleaning and doing all of those "domestic engineer" kind of jobs so when the weekend comes I just want to be fat and lazy, and just have fun.

We saw the movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose last night. It was pretty creepy. *shiver* Tonight we are thinking of heading over to Borders. I LOVE going there. Buy a cup of coffee and read all the magazines and books you can. Lately I've been reading all the Ceramics & arts mags...and books about TTC & fertility. (and baby name books for fun) Yep, still not pregnant. Maybe this will be my lucky cycle. And I was so naive to think that getting off the birth control patch would enable me to get knocked up right away! Oh well. In God's time I guess.

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