Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Can't think of a Creative Title

I thought that exercising is supposed to energize you? If that is the case why do I feel so whooped? Today I did 16 minutes on the treadmill. Yes, only one minute more than last time but I did run at 5.3 for the last minute and I did get to .76 miles. My short term goal is to reach 1 mile. Now whether that is acheived by increasing time or speed I don't care, I'm just trying to get there.

In other news, I got an e-mail from a former student of mine. She started at college this fall and sent me a short note to let me know how she is doing. She was a great student. Very responsible, dependable, on top of her studies, involved with sports...a very strong, young, woman. At the same time she had a great sense of humor, knew had to have fun, but also what limits there were. I am happy she is doing well. It got me to thinking about my college days. I really hated high school-but I loved college! Maybe that is why I was a student for so long? (I just finished my Masters Degree last December) meaning I was a college student from the age of 5 to 28.

I found some pictures of my old dorm room senior year. It was the best!

Yes, that is a HUGE italian flag hanging above my bed and the drawing of the coffeecup is one that I did. In the little cannister next to the radio are my first 2 koi that I had. They were the best fish! My junior and senior year of college I had a single room. My freshman college roommate Erin was the best. We were very different but got along really well. She was a lot more lax about her studies though often missing classes because she over-slept. At the end of the year we chose our room for the following year and were all set.

Sophomore year I get a notice before school starts that I now have a roommate named Norah. Wth? Turns out that Erin was kicked out for academic probation. I was so disappointed. I got to school to find my roommate already moved in. First impression, I didn't like her, but I thought I'd give it a chance. Let me say, she was the roommate from hell!

She came and left at odd hours of the day & night, people would call the room at like 2am & 3 am. She lost her keys twice and would leave the dorm room unlocked when she went out. Her boyfriend would randomly show up for vists and spend the night. Also, she smoked pot all the time. Once I came home from the park with my boyfriend to find she had rearranged the whole room, my stuff and hers! I was so mad she had touched all my belongings I told her I hated it and to put it back. We left and when we came back, she had put it all back. The next day, I rearranged my stuff.

My mom got so sick of hearing me complain and cry on the phone that she called the Office of Residence Life. Our resident director called Norah and I into her office. She was a real b!tch too and complained about having to have this meeting with us. She told us we had to learn to get along and if I wasn't happy with Norah I should find a new place. I told her that Norah was the one being unreasonable and about losing her key and not locking the door and about getting caught with drugs on campus. The RD said, she had no jurisdiction about that. I asked, "No jurisdiction when she does it in YOUR building?" The RD looked at Norah and asked her if she did drugs and do you know what she said? No-not what any smart person would say if they did drugs...she said, "Well I smoke a little pot occasionally." The RD stared at her in disbelief and said, "I'm sorry but you're going to have to find another room somewhere else." Norah was shocked (I'm not sure why-did she think her honesty would save her?) Not in that kind of scenario. The RD knew if she didn't do something her a$$ would be on the line since Norah was so stupid and admitted to using drugs.

So anyway-I vowed to work extra hours over the summer so I could have a single room for the reminder of my college years. I never had to deal with roommates again!


Anonymous said...

why not talk more about your junior and senior years in the residence halls, in relation to the photos? :(

Anonymous said...

i meant to sign that -- it's me, kelly!