Sunday, September 04, 2005

And the Moral of the Story is:

Always wear a helmet! Do you hear this kids? On Thursday I went to work with Jake because after work his boss was having an end of the year party at his place. (My husband works an hour and a half from home) So at this party, the boys were playing with dirt bikes and an atv...with NO HELMETS!

Finally, they stopped playing and we had dinner. Just as we were having dessert the boss's wife had to leave to pick up their daughter. She called from the driveway asking her husband to put his bikes away. Well of course Jake and another guy he works with, rushed out to "put the bikes away". I asked him not to go. It was dark outside, we had finished dinner and some drinks, but he said "Honey, I am fine, it's ok".

We could hear them riding up and down the road. Then one of the neighbors called and I was certain she must be calling to complain, but she was just calling to chat. Suddenly the other guy comes running in and says, "Jake spilled the bike". His boss is like, "yeah right, don't f@#$ with us." I turned around to see Jake come through the door covered in blood. He says, "It's no big deal, I'm fine". I told him "No big deal!?! Look in the mirror!"

To make a long story short...we got to the ER around 9:50. They checked him out, gave him a tetnus shot, took x-rays and we sat and waited. X-rays were inconclusive so we had to have a CAT scan. Then we had to wait because there wasn't a radiologist on staff so they had to send the results to other hospitals and have someone else read them. We waited almost 2 hours! The ironic thing was that at the party, Jake was the smart ass who said, (pre-accident) "It's not a real party 'til someone calls 911". Finally the doctor comes back and says he fractured his right lateral maxillary sinus. (Pretty much your cheekbone) However, he is concerned and wants x-rays done of Jake's neck because if he fell hard enough to fracture his face, he might have a broken neck. Lucky-he didn't!

Finally...about a quarter after 1 we get to go. They tell us we need to see an ENT (ear, nose, throat) Dr. ASAP after we go home. (Also lucky, Jake has one he sees) So, I drive back to pick up our poor dog Teddy, waiting with his boss and then we drive home. We got home about 3:30, quarter to 4...and went to bed at 4. Jake has multiple abrasions on his face...mainly his right side, above and under his eye...and his nose. His arms and hands have major scrapes, and his knees and arm. All in all, he is lucky. Hopefully his stupidity taught him a lesson. The ENT told him that surgery on his face would not be necessary as it will heal on its own. The bones in the fracture will always be misaligned but it will not affect his facial structure or any other functions. He cannot blow his nose for about 2 weeks and the fracture will probably heal in about six. Jake is still not sure what happened. He doesn't know why he fell off the bike. But I doubt he'll ever ride without a helmet again. (Or I'll have to kill him)

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Anonymous said...

Chris Cortez is okay
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