Monday, August 15, 2005


Heh-heh heh, there's some old skool... "Never Tear Us Apart" remember that tune? DAMN! I forgot that Extreme Make-Over Home Edition was on last night. I think it was FINALLY a new episode too. Rats! I love that show. (Except that it makes me cry EVERY single time...even if it is a re-run which I have seen and I know what happens). They always come up with such beautiful homes. What I wonder is...many of these people have income issues...after they "remodel" (bulldoze and rebuild) these homes, the value and size of the home, how can these people afford higher utility bills and home/property taxes? Sometimes I think...hmmm, I wonder if i could come up with a great story so they'll come and do my house. But then I realize how selfish it is since the people they assist are much more deserving. (It would be cool though)

So, it is a new cycle of TTC. Last month didn't work, but it was a learning experience. It was only my first cycle off of bc anyway. Hopefully this is the month!

Had two huge family gatherings over the weekend. On Saturday-mom's side, family reunion. A lot of very elderly people...very few young 'ens. It's always an anxious day for me. We only see this side of the family once a year, unless there happens to be a wedding. So, I always feel nervous that I'm not going to remember someones name. I also feel self-conscious about my looks, and what I'm doing... but, it worked out okay. Food was good and I hung out with my cousins who I DO see on a more regular basis.

On Sunday was my aunt and uncle's 25th anniversary party. It was ok. I drank A LOT of wine. Ok-that's a lie. I only drank 3 cups of wine and I got totally trashed which made the whole evening a lot more tolerable. :-) I couldn't believe I got so trashed so quick, especially since I drank one of those cups with dinner. I think it was because I've been avoiding alcohol for so long with trying to get I'll have to be good again.

I'm so tired today. I'm thinking about going to bed and taking a nap for an hour or so. I got up, got hubby fed, packed his lunch and sent him off to work. Then I vacuumed entire house...floors need to be washed AND I want to check the job ads...but I think that can wait a bit. I also have to tackle my wedding thank you cards. There are sooo many! I feel like a jerk complaining since people were so generous...but I have a lot of writing to do. (There were 243 people at our wedding) I thought about making a standard thank you on the computer and then personalizing with a line or two...but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed so...impersonal. So, each card will be handwritten.

I found this photo in a folder on my desktop. It's a nest which was in a tree next to my parent's house. Eventually the eggs hatched to birds. I'll have to find the series I took. *yawn* Naptime? If not, I'll be mopping floors.

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