Sunday, August 07, 2005

3:06 PM

And I haven't even showered yet! I love the weekends. Spent the last few hours looking for a new job. I DO NOT want to go back to school. I hate the bs politics, paperwork, and bad administration. They are so inconsistant in their discipline proceedures, the kids have no respect and believe they are entitled to all these priveleges... bleck!

I had good kids and love art-but want something different.

I found a few fleas on my dog. (one earlier this week which I killed, and then 2 yesterday-now also dead) I'm so against all those $40 treatments like Advatage or Frontline. It just doesn't seem I've been trying all these "healthy" alternatives. My poor doggie. So far he's:

Been drinking water with apple cider vinegar in it
Been eating food with garlic in it
Been sprayed with peppermint oil (yes-he smells like a big peppermint pattie)
Been examined all over for fleas about half a dozen times (haven't seen any yet!)

My next step is lemon juice. They say that if you spray your dog with a seeped, water/lemon mixture it: repels fleas and keeps his coat shiny. We'll see what happens. I do not want my house/dog infested with fleas! If these things do not work...I will be forced to succumb to the world of unnatural chemicals. Poor Teddy.


Indigo said...

Awwww! Teddy's cute! I hope the fleas just fall off and walk away. I could happen....

Ms. Momma said...

Thanks! He was a stray I took in like, 4 years ago. I wish those fleas would just evaporate. Haven't seen any. Minty Monkey (Teddy) may have frightened him.

Lucy Stern said...

I've heard that Brewers Yeast works. I have been giving it to my dog all summer and she doesn't have fleas. You might want to try it.

Ms. Momma said...

Thanks Lucy! I read that too. I'm trying the garlic method first...yeast is next.