Monday, July 25, 2005

"Madonna to give Spears' baby a Kabbalah welcome"

Last night I was watching "Britney and Kevin/Chaotic". lol It was so terrible, but I could not stop watching. I saw two or three episodes of the show, including the one where they talk about Britney proposing to Kevin.

I have to say...(not being a huge Britney fan I've never followed the star in the news or anything) that Britney (based on the way she appeared on her tapes) is not what I expected. I've heard news reports that she's walked through public bathrooms and gas stations barefoot, etc. etc. wants to be photographed naked on a magazine...
from watching the show, this is the impression that I got:

She is just a backwoods southern girl who was lucky enough to have a talent and is now living the high life.

I mean, in most of the videos they shot of each other, she is dressed plain, and has no make-up... I think she is average looking, she wears bulky clothes, and what she says isn't really... that significant. I think with her make-up, and the hair, and's all part of the show and an act to be who she isn't in real life.

And I guess Madonna is now taking a huge interest in Brit's baby. Whatever!

Speaking of baby...I hit a high temp today, above my coverline. If all goes well, maybe I will be pregnant very soon. We'll see what the temps are tomorrow. Hopefully they will stay up and then raise up higher. :-)

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