Saturday, July 23, 2005


Okay...had a dip in the temps this morning. Could mean I'm ready to ovulate. It is recommended that women chart for several months before ttc so that they may see patterns in their charts and see when they typically ovulate and how temperature and cm play a part. Although this is my first time charting, my temps have been so stable, I feel certain this has to be the real thing-which would be great as it often take women months or years to get pregnant after ending bc.

Still trying to figure out what to do job wise. Honey is tempting me...he thinks I should do what it is I want to do. I'd love to try something art related like ceramics...but I am afraid of all the associated risks. (not making money, not being as good as I think I am, etc.) Is it worth giving up a good paying job? I am not happy at the job...but it is good money!


K Jones said...

Try the ceramics thing as a hobby first and really see if you have a knack for it. Maybe you do and you're off on a new adventure, maybe you don't and, at least, you will know sooner than later. I, too, am contemplating a new career. I'm scared but I really like doing it so I'm giving it a try.

Ms. Momma said...

Well, I know I can do it...physically. I do have a degreee in fine arts and have taken many ceramics classes & even teach ceramics at the school I teach at. But can I make money in it?

I guess I could find out as a hobby. Thanks! Good luck on your adventures!