Wednesday, July 20, 2005

CD8 starts my fertile period. Theoretically these next few days are the most fertile of this cycle. I woke up today and took my temp and it was 97.3 again. It is really bizarre...I've been reading message boards and viewing other women's cycle charts, and no one shows flatline temps like me. No one who has conceived nor anyone who hasn't. From what I read, it just means my hormones are really stable, but we'll see. On most charts, temps kind of jump up and down where as mine are just, straight temps. But, I guess that is good because then I'll be able to see the dip and rise of temperature that comes with ovulation much easier. (That is if I ovulate this month) After you get off any kind of birth control, some bodies take some time to get over the hormones while others snap back right away. I am hoping that this flatline means the hormones in my body are back to normal and conceiving a baby won't take very long. There is the chance I could just flatline the whole cycle and not ovulate at all. I think though, since I only used the Patch for about a year, I should be ok. Out of all the bc methods I have read that the bc Patch is the easiest to get pregnant after. Speaking of the Patch, I've also read a few things which discussed that the Patch has a higher stroke/blood clot rate. I am glad I am no longer on it.

So-I took my temp and went back to bed only to be woken up an hour later to my mom calling me to tell me I need to pick up my one year anniversary cake because their freezer was f-ed up. She then called back to say I should take any meat because by the time she got back from work, it would be no good and she'd have to throw it all out. So I just threw all her stuff in my freezer. If my dad only just bought another stupid freezer. I think mom and dad are on their way out. :-( It is so sad. On one hand, they might both be better off without each other, but on the other-it's my mom and dad. They should have tried to work things out. It's both their fault. *sigh*

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