Sunday, August 12, 2001


i am so in love.

i have never felt this way about anyone, ever, in my life. *happy sigh* without knight in my life, i'd have no direction, focus, or purpose. i wish there was a way to communicate to him, the way i feel.

i had a bad dream tonight, that he was gone. that he had died and i wanted to talk to him, hold him, call him, but he wasn't here anymore. knight woke me from the dream and held me. i was crying.

sometimes i am scared....afraid that something will happen and i'll lose him. i love him so much. more than i've ever loved anything or anyone.

i need to go to bed, but i only want to hold him, be held by him, and to fall asleep to the rising and falling of his chest. i don't know what to say. he is incredible, the best thing to ever happen to me.

how did i get so lucky?

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