Saturday, October 28, 2000


From Webster's Collegiate Dictionary:


Pronunciation: 'blis

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English blisse, from Old English bliss; akin to Old English blIthe blithe

Date: before 12th century

1 : complete happiness


things are going fairly well in my life. i mean, school is okay, and i wish i were living on my own...etc. etc. etc. but the whole knight situation is...wonderful. i feel like i've been using that adjective a lot, but that's how i feel. (lol, i just corrected a typo, feel was fell)

he is home this weekend and last night we spent some quality time together. everytime we are together, i feel like i fall more and more in love with him. *sigh* is that possible? i keep wondering, can it get any better than it is? and it does. is this what all good relationships are like? or is this an extraordinary relationship? it is so weird how we think so much a like. how is that possible?

the situation is still in an odd place, with him still living with m...but i don't even think about it anymore. i just look at it like, they are two people living together. i don't even want to write about it anymore at this time because, it's of no significance. i do have to say, while i don't like the way she's treated knight, and don't like that he's stuck living with her, i have to like her for being such a...jerk? wrong? for being incompatable? because if she wasn't that way, i wouldn't be lucky enough to have the relationship i do with knight.

knight made a cd for me. it is full of songs that i like and songs which are really befitting to the situation. knight was teasing about how cheesy the songs really are. i agree, but i still like them. many are from the 80's. i think i should have been a teenager in the 80's. i would have had so much fun.

i have rod stewart's, "lost in you". stuck in my head. (a song on the cd) i'm going skating with knight today. ice skating that is. it's our first "normal time" together. this whole situation reminds me of what is happening on frasier. niles stuck pretending to be married to his wife, daphne's ex being bitter about the whole thing...and the two of them, in love with each other, after secretly having feelings for years. geesh, i could've wrote the storyline for that!

hmmm. not much else to say. guess i'll wrap this up. last night i didn't want to come home. i just wanted to fall asleep with knight...i love feeling his arms around me, the way he touches me and kisses me. he is so warm, loving, and gentle. *butterflies* i just had a flashback of yesterday. he is such a darling.

i look forward to seeing him this evening.

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