Thursday, August 24, 2000

random thoughts

a letter to...? (thoughts to myself)

as i sit here waiting, i can think of noone but you. i envision your smile, the way you smell, the touch of your hand on my face and i ask did we get to this point? where do we go, what do we do? why did it take so long?

so many questions, so few answers.

i'm thinking about stars, the universe, and fate. is there such a thing? can i control my own destiny, pick my own cards? why can't i change the past, take hold of the present, or predict the future?

now i think about love. once again, i'm tangled into it's intricate, complicated, web.

i stared at a woman today who looked tired. two children ran about her freely and she didn't seem to care. a man...lover? husband? father of her children? some sort of significant other came to discuss something with her. i wondered what happened to their love?

her love for him?

i struggle to come up with a definition for love...i can only muster some small phrases...

wanting to hold and be held
complete peace and chaos
heart ready to burst
soul smiling
wanting to cry oceans of tears
finding it hard to breathe
and an intense warmth...


i don't know what to think. i don't know what to feel. i guess that's it.

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