Wednesday, August 16, 2000


had a very uplifting two-two 1/2 hour conversation with knight today. well, it was typing, but never-the-less, i completely enjoyed it all. i never have such comforting, pleasurable....( ? )crazy, spontaneous, dizzy...conversations. am i confused? you bet.

that's what it is like the whole time. one big ball of emotion that i can't get enough of. it's like an addiction. lately i find myself lying in bed, before i fall asleep, thinking about him and wanting to be near. (as if i don't think about him any other time of the day)

there were some not so good things said today. believe me, they were good things, but because of our current relationship situations, make them bad.


what a predicament. not much that can be done right now. this whole entry has been about him. nothing about my current boy. what does that say?

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