Sunday, August 27, 2000


i had some bizarre dreams the past two nights revolving around knight. :) night-->knight

friday night:

i was shopping at wal-mart when knight showed up. i was so surprised for one, to see him because he lives so far away, and for him to find me in wal-mart. he says that he's come to kidnap me. as i follow him out the door to his truck, he sees these two little children in the store looking at toys. he snatches them up, one under each arm and goes running out the door. we get into his truck and he speeds away. "now we've got our own little family" he says. i'm a bit stunned wondering why he did this.

well of course now we were wanted for kidnapping. one child was a girl and the other a boy. they were both under eight years old, beautiful children, blue eyed with blonde hair. pretty angelic looking. knight and i drive town to town. it was weird, we didn't do much but drive and stop at different stores and stuff to use the bathroom and get cheap food. we could never stay long, because people were looking for the children. knight treated them so well, but i could not figure out why he had kidnapped them.

in one part of the dream i am in an ames store looking for cheap clothes on a rack for the children. there were little shirts and dresses for like, 88 cents.

then we are driving and discussing our money situation. we are running low and going to a bank is risky because knight and i suspect that they have put a freeze on our accounts. i suggest that i get some sort of a job. we decide that we need to give the children up so we can just get on with our lives together. we think maybe they'll stop looking if they see how well the children have been taken care of. so we try and devise a plan on how we can sneak them back to the town they were kidnapped from.

before we do...i wake up.

very strange isn't it? i don't remember much about the dream i had last night except that i get a letter from knight in the mail...and it has to do with the 28th and the 29th of august.

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