Friday, November 12, 2010


I am so happy when a week is over and the weekend is here. And check this out:

Thank goodness for the Tops Bonus card gas points. I spent $45 in gas to fill it up at this price. I saved .40 per gallon with points earned from shopping. When I first started driving, I remember paying .99 a gallon for gas. My first car was a Ford Taurus but it was six cylinders so it used a lot of gas. Then I drove a Chevy Cavalier. Gas lasted forever! When I got a "real" job as a teacher in a super rural district, I bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee to get through winter. Well-that used a lot more gas and then suddenly gas shot up in price! It's never come back down to that nice .99/$1.29 a gallon. Sadly I don't think we'll ever see that again.

Someday I'd like to drive a car again. For now with kids-the Jeep is good although we are wondering about how 3 are going to fit.

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Jessica said...

Tell me about it. Fuel is $3.09 here. I miss my old Ford Escort, which used to get 35 to 40 mph. Thank goodness I work from home. Saves me a ton in gas money.