Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sweets & Treats

Right now Jake is out of town for work. On Saturday we stopped at his parents so they could see the kids in their Halloween costumes. My mother-in-law gave us these two huge pieces of carrot cake she baked for Halloween to take home. Super delicious! Baked from scratch with walnuts and real cream cheese frosting. That night Jake and I split a piece. On Sunday night (Jake was already gone) I had half of the other piece. Last night I unwrapped the cake, got a fork, and was about to eat the last half when I thought of my husband. I actually debated with myself about it. He will be gone until Friday, it won't keep until then. His mom made it though-he'll want it. He doesn't really eat sweets... What the heck, I deserve it for taking care of the kids alone while he is away! Finally, feeling guilty, I wrapped it up and put it in the fridge.

Or maybe it was that I remembered we had Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, Halloween candy (Twix & Kit Kats), Jingles, Kettle Corn and special Heads and Tails Oreos. Yes! We have all this junk food in the house! I think it is this pregnancy (we have Kid V3.0 due in early May). All I am craving is junk and sweets. The good news is I am totally exhibiting self-control. The Cherry Garcia is frozen yogurt, the candy bars are mini and I limit myself to two (a day). And Oreos, they are ok. I might have one or two.

If I were not pregnant, this would not be the case at all. Typically, I do not buy or keep sweets in the house. I am a HUGE chocoholic and if it is here I HAVE to eat it. In the beginning I'm good about limiting myself. If it isn't open it is safe. But if I have a taste...it starts out that I have a little bit each day but then a little bit isn't enough and I need to have "just a little more" and then a "little more" until finally my thoughts are: "Well, if I finish this now, there won't be any more to torture myself with tomorrow and I can be done with it!"

Where does that kind of logic come from?


Jessica said...

It comes from the same place as, "I'll start watching what I eat tomorrow, so I'm going to splurge today. One last hurrah." Except I won't really start limiting what I eat tomorrow. Instead, I'll put it off "one more day" and then splurge (i.e., binge) again today.

Congrats on baby #3!

Joanne said...

Ha ha-so very true! And thanks!