Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Husband Gets So Annoyed...

...when I rearrange the dishes he puts in the dishwasher. But then he does crap like this:

Really? You couldn't move a few things around? He insisted that was a joke but I don't think so as he's used similar "loading techniques" before.

This is the same guy who comes in the house, takes his sneakers off, and leaves them on the floor in FRONT of the shoe rack. Every day. Even when there is space on the top shelf for them. Then he throws his jacket on the banister and walks past the closet to the kitchen for dinner. Nice.


Indigo said...

My husband's dishwasher loading skills are terrible. On Sunday I came home and found that not only did he unload it, but then in loaded it and then ran it. It was only about half full, and there were at least three bowls that were turned right-side up filled with dishwasher water. He loves to stack all of the spoons together so they don't get clean too. And don't get me started on the measuring spoons. They need to come apart in the dishwasher for a reason. Ugh.

Jen to da fer said...

My husband loads the SAME way!!! It drives me crazy. For someone who is so good spatially, you think he'd be able to fit the dishes in to fit more. It's pretty simple to me. Maybe they don't care?