Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Had to Do It

What did I do? I had to pull out the maternity jeans today. I thought for sure I could go a few more weeks but no such luck. I pulled a pair of jeans out of the drier and tried to put them on-holy crap were they tight. There was no way I could wear them comfortably all day. I've surpassed the bloat look and right now I'm at that attractive beer gut stage. I can't wait for my belly to round out more so I look pregnant and not blubbery.

I have all my maternity clothes jammed into a plastic storage tote so of course they are all creased and wrinkled but thankfully the pants were folded on the bottom and not too bad. The bad news was, the first two pair I tried on were too big. I think they must be from my first pregnancy with James. When I was pregnant with Olivia I had to buy new pants because the ones I had with James were too big in the leg/thigh. The pair I have on fit ok. They are a little big in the thigh area which is cool because I have lost weight in between pregnancies but at the same time, I'm hoping I don't look really bad.

I'm already at 15 weeks and so many days. Next month on the 6th we will have our 18 week ultrasound. Can't wait to see the baby again.

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