Monday, April 13, 2009

Ghost Music

One night a few weeks ago when I was woken by Olivia's slight stirring, I saw the lights flicker on the baby monitor for Jamie's room. Suddenly I heard soft music playing. WTH? I looked at the clock, it was three am-where was the music coming from? Jamie's cd should have ended hours ago. Could he have gotten out of his crib somehow? He is tall enough to reach the cd player now. I got out of bed and headed to his room. Opening his door a crack I listened. There was nothing. No music. What? I shuffled back to my room and climbed into bed. There was no music there either. Did I dream it? I closed my eyes and hoped to quickly fall asleep. About five minutes later, I heard it again. Soft, airy, classical music. I was feeling creeped out by it. Was it possible the monitor was picking up music from someone elses house? Can they pick up radio stations? I go to Jamie's room once more. Again-nothing! I go back to my room where I hear the music, climb into bed, and go to sleep.

The next day while James is napping, Jake and I were talking in our bedroom. I suddenly remembered about the monitor and told him about it. He thought it was odd and assured me that the monitor could not pick up radio. Suddenly as if on queue, it happened again! Jake looked at the monitor in disbelief. "Are you sure it's not from Jamie's room?" he asked. I went rushing down. No! But wait-yes! The music was coming from Jamie's room. Somehow the cd was playing again.

When James woke up-I took the cd out of the player. Turns out there was a little schmutz on the last track of the disc and it was causing the cd to pause and play at odd intervals. No phantom ghost music at all. It was pretty odd how it would play and then pause when I crept down the hall to listen though.


Jessica said...

Thank goodness it wasn't Twilight Zone music. If that happened to me, we'd have to move.

Jennifer said...

I love the way you told the story. That would be creepy. Hope you had a great Easter! Miss you! I'm sure James had fun finding Easter eggs.