Monday, February 23, 2009

Almost 12 Weeks

Don't you just want to bite those cheeks? At the last doctor appointment at the beginning of the month she weighed in at 12lbs and 10oz. Last night Jake weighed himself and then the two together and we think she's up to 15 lbs already. She is a little chunky monkey compared to James. She's already half his weight! She's also been sleeping in 4 and 5 hour increments which is amazing since James didn't sleep through the night until between 6-9 months. *knock on wood* And she is smiling, cooing, and trying to talk. lol One of the best things is that she's a snuggler. As a baby James never liked to snuggle so I'm loving this.

And as for James-he's our resident smarty pants. I'm amazed at what he knows and the vocabulary he has. He is very intelligent. Sometimes I just ask myself, how does he know that? Or...I don't remember teaching him that. My mom attributes it to the fact that we talk and read to him a lot. He also has a great imagination and can make something out of nothing. In the photo he is giving us "sunny eyes". That's what he calls making him smile for photos. We're almost done with his big boy room. Now if we could only get him potty trained. I can't believe he'll be three this summer. 2 years until Kindergarten!


Anonymous said...

what a great update. thanks joannie! love and miss you, k

Mama Mia said...

80) I call my quick growing babies little flour it! Gags, 2 years, that is ALL?