Monday, January 05, 2009

On Equipment Cleaning

Can I just say that diaper maintenance for boys is so much easier than girls? Although I am a female and "familiar" with the parts-I feel so much uncertainty about what I'm doing when I'm changing Olivia.

First of all-there are all the folds and creases. I don't remember Jamie's legs creasing like hers do where they meet her body. Everytime I open her diaper I think about shar peis and all their wrinkles. Secondly I can never tell if what I am looking at is normal. Does she look red down here? Do I need to put on cream? Is this irritation? And with the whole wiping front to back I feel like I use twice as many wipe because I'm paranoid about giving her an infection and if I "contaminate" a wipe, I can't bring it anywhere near her other areas again.

And speaking about equipment and diaper changing-I am so ready for James to be potty trained. His #2 diapers are pretty gross now. Two days ago he used the potty chair (Woohoo!) but nothing since. We've only been talking about it for about 6 months-he's played with the chair, read books, talked about it and "helped" by getting toilet paper and flushing for us. We even bought pull ups which feel cold when you wet them-but there's been nothing from him. Then when he was in the tub the other day, I reminded him that there is no pooping in the tub and he started saying he was scared and needed a diaper change. I seized the opportunity and asked if he wanted his potty chair. Lo and behold he went #1 & #2 on his chair. So I think I just need to be more proactive about it and hopefully we can get him out of diapers shortly.


Mama Mia said...
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Mama Mia said...

I am right there with you regarding both issues at hand. I still feel that girls are more difficult to work with come diaper changing time (despite the initial reaction that girls have "less" all just looks simpler). And I know exactly what phase you are talking about regarding the #2s in the nappy. After so many diaper changes I LOVE underwear instead. 3 down and 1 more to go over here! (WTG Jamie...btw)