Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Allergy Update

Last Thursday we took James to the allergist for his yearly check up and to see the condition of his food allergies. The week prior he had bloodwork done and the doctor was going to perform a skin test at the appointment and give us the results of both.

According to the RAST (blood test) James is allergy free. He was retested for milk, egg, and peanut and his levels came up less than .35 which pretty much means non-existant. Hooray! The skin test however showed he had a slight reaction to milk & eggs. They increased the doseages and perfromed a second skin test. This showed a clear reaction to the milk & egg but still nothing to peanut.

So....we have been told to avoid milk & eggs for 6-12 more months and then we'll test again. The doctor is confident that he will outgrow these allergies. With the peanut, we are going to participate in a peanut challenge. Next week we will go to the allergist's office with peanut butter which James will consume and be observed for any reactions.

The idea of having peanut butter in our home again is so exciting! I was the most worried about the peanut allergy as typically it is the most fatal. I was so anxious just thinking about James heading off to Kindergarten and trusting he would be safe from these foods out there in other peoples care.

And not to mention, I love peanut butter! I was devestated by the Peter Pan recall and then when the recall was over, I still couldn't eat it because of Jamie's allergies. I hope the challenge goes well.


kelly said...

what if you didn't know he had those allergies last year? would the allergy developed more severely?

so glad for him (and for you!). i made those yummy peanut butter balls on sunday and thought of you.

Joanne said...

I have no idea Kelly. I have read that with subsequent exposure kids can develop a more severe reaction. When we first gave James peanut butter he never had a reaction but right around the time we had him tested at one, he had started getting hives on his face when he ate it. So maybe further exposure could have resulted in an anaphalaxis reaction. But maybe not.