Monday, July 07, 2008

Update about #2

I've been meaning to write more about this announcement as well. I know I blogged a ton when I was pregnant with James but at the time I wasn't as busy as I am now.

Things are going well. This Wednesday I'll be 17 weeks along. Last month I suffered from terrible headaches and by the end of the month-I was convinced something was wrong as I had no relief for three days and it seemed to be blood pressure related. My blood pressure is fine though and that seemed to be the worst of it. I've had a few tiny headaches since but nothing like before. I remember having them with James too and think it's just the influx of hormones and way my body deals with it.

I am still very tired. Last night I got about 8 hours of sleep (not counting getting up 3 times to pee) but woke up feeling hung-over. Just foggy, tired, and blah. I'm waiting for my energy to return! I've also only gained a pound so far. Since I had the GD last time, I am really trying to eat healthy and be more active. (though I have indulged in icecream MANY times) I am hoping since I am starting this pregnancy at a lower weight than last time, that maybe I won't have the GD issue. MY new OB also said that if I fail the one hour glucose test, rather than put me through the torture of the three hour test, she'll just put me on the diet since I did well with it my last pregnancy. I think that is totally fair.

Next week we get our 18 week ultrasound for measurements and to hopefully discover what the gender is. I think it's another boy but Jake is thinking pink. Last time I totally thought it was girl and was wrong. I am not rooting for one over the other. I think it would be cool to have another boy. We'd be set on most things and since we already have one-I'd feel confident about it. And James would have a little buddy! A girl on the other hand would be great too. I'd have to do a little shopping to get some girlie things and we'd have one of each gender-but I feel like there is more I'd need to know since she's a girl. I know that's a silly thought since all babies do basically the same thing (eat, sleep, poop). There'd be no circumcision issue with a girl too. :-)

Anyhow-I have taken some belly pics too. I am curious to how they compare with last time. I'll have to post next time. This baby is measuring ahead and we even had a twin scare. lol I'll share that next time too.


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Whoops. I just left a comment that was intended for a totally different blog! Boy, do I feel silly. That's what I get for trying to multitask. I've deleted it, though, to save everyone the trouble of trying to figure out what the hell I was talking about. :)

My intended comment was for you to hang in there. Pregnancy is so tiring. And when you get some energy, post some random cuteness from James!

Indigo said...

Oh my gosh! Where have I been??? CONGRATS!!!

Mama Mia said...

How exciting. I cannot wait to hear if you have a little bro or sis in that belly for big bro Jamie. Either way he/she will be the perfect addition.