Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our Little Arteest

I just wanted to share Jamie's first painting masterpiece. Even though I bought the supplies to fingerpaint months ago I finally decided to let him make a mess this morning. He was pretty funny as at first he only wanted to use brushes. I finally had to take them away before he'd finally paint with his fingers. Sheesh-maybe I ought to pull out my watercolors if he wants to paint by brush.

We're pretty proud of him. I didn't really talk about his second birthday which was in June as it was low key. No huge 80 person bash with dad blowing his knee out in the a.m. this year. But it was nice and of course James was spoiled. I am so amazed at how his vocabulary keeps growing and growing. He is quite the chatter box these days! He can count from 1 to 10 and can recognize most of the letters of the alphabet. He loves to be read to, he loves music and singing or when we sing to him "dada ying!" "mama ying Bingo!" and playing outside. We couldn't ask for a better kid.

I'll update on Baby 2.0 later or tomorrow. I'll just say-"It's a girl!"

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