Monday, June 02, 2008

Damn, Dumb, Thumb

My mom taught James the "Where is Thumbkin" song and since then, he can say and knows what his thumb is. Several months ago, Jake and I were talking in the kitchen after dinner and remembering that I forgot to do something I said "Damn!" and hit the counter top with my hand. A few minutes later, James said "Dam! Dam!" while slamming his arm on the table. Oops!

Since neither of us has said the word in his presence since then we were surprised when he recently began saying "damn" again. The kid must have an elephant's memory! The funny thing is (besides the fact that it's a toddler swearing & hitting the table) it kind of sounds like thumb so we tried to say "thumb" to get him to replace the bad word with something good. But the hitting of the table kind of gives it away. Then Jake called Teddy "dumb" and the next time James starting saying damn he turned it into dumb. So now every time the dog is outside James shouts "Dumb doggie!! Dumb!" I guess it's better than the F-word. I don't even know how we'd fix that oopsie.

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