Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Weekend Recap...

Whew! I feel like I had a mini vacation this weekend or something. It definately involved more play than work.

- Saturday was pretty leisurely. James and I hung out at my mom's while Jake was running last minute errands.
- Sunday Jake had a birthday party for me with our families.
- Monday James and I hung around, playing outside, while Jake worked on building a swing set. We ate left over pizza for dinner, had leftover cake, and watched tv.
- Tuesday (my real birthday) Jake had off of work and we took a trip to my college town and hung out for the day. The last time we were there was the day before my water broke to celebrate our anniversary. It's always interesting to see what's changed on campus and off. Jake bought me a custom college diploma frame. His diploma hangs in our office while mine sits in a box. Now mine can join his! We also checked out the lake and took James to a playground to play. After we came home, Jake finished Jamie's swing and he got to swing before bed. After he was asleep we ordered out and Jake put a candle in a piece of left over cake and sang happy birthday to me.

Today was back to normal and I worked on some laundry but I was still feeling pretty leisurely as tomorrow is Thursday already and then Friday will be here! The last two days should pass quickly as I'm hosting a playdate for my moms group on each day too.

And yes, now I'm 31. Excitement, excitement. It's so weird. I remember when my mom turned 28 and now I'm in my 30's. What can you do? 30 is the new 20 right?


Jessica said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Gotta love holiday weekends.

I'll be turning 34 this year. Goodbye, early thirties; hello, midthirties. Sigh.

Teriana said...

I'd agree 30 is the new 20 since many people are waiting longer to get married and have kids, but 40 is still the old 40.