Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mom vs. Dad Roles

Sunday Lunch at Grandmother's House

- Gets up early in order to take a shower and put make up on before kid gets up.
- Gets kid up, changes diaper.
- Gets herself dressed.
- Makes kid breakfast & lets dog out.
- While kid eats breakfast she: packs his bag, cleans up dishes, shovels some food down, fights with kid over eating, lets dog in.
- Washes kid up, cleans off table & mess kid made.
- Fills tub, puts kid in a tub. While he plays she tries to work on her hair.
- Washes kid, washes his hair, fights to rinse his hair, takes him out of tub.
- Gets kid dressed, grabs extra clothes.
- Gives kid a snack. Has a snack herself since she didn't eat enough during breakfast.
- Washes kid up.
- Finishes packing bags, put kid's coat & shoes on. Puts own coat & shoes on.
- Locks dog up.
- Loads kid and stuff in car.
- Waits for dad.

- Sleeps in.
- Throws clothes on & brushes teeth.
- Helps kid downstairs.
- Puts shoes & coat on. Leaves to go help a friend.
- Comes back, takes a quick shower, gets dressed.
- Gets in car.

Away they go.

Dad: Cheerful & happy.
Mom: Annoyed, tired, and has a headache.


Jessica said...

Bob always seems to budget just enough time to get himself ready. Lately I've started asking him ("point blank" as the saying goes) to pack the diaper bag or get Seth dressed or whatever. The only problem then is that Bob is sure not to do it "right." (You know: either Seth's socks don't match the rest of his clothes -- or each other! -- or the wrong stuff is in the diaper bag. )Oh well.

Joanne said...

"Bob always seems to budget just enough time to get himself ready." I know how that is. I always have to get up earlier to make sure there is enough time to do everything. The other day Jake asked me for something of Jamie's and I told him it was in the diaper bag to which he asked, "Where's the diaper bag?"

Jessica said...

Our house is so disorganized that "where's the diaper bag?" is a perfectly valid question. :)

Jennifer said...

I had a feeling this anecdote was more reality. That had better not happen when Ry and I decide to have kids. We're pretty even about taking care of our "furry kids" (dogs) right now so I would hope that it would carry through to our own flesh and blood.