Sunday, March 16, 2008

This n That

Anyone want to steal my idea of creating disposable socks? This past week 3-4 pairs went from foot to trash after wearing because of holes way beyond repair. Not that repairing is the end all either. I've fixed a few socks only to have a recurring blow out the next wearing. Is it that sock quality has diminished or am I too rough on my footwear? I hate to toss them out too-because most of my socks are colored, striped, or patterned.

The other night as I was getting ready for bed I noticed something on the wall about three feet above Jake's pillow. When I turned on the light I saw it was one of those orb weaver spiders. WTH! Where did he come from? It's winter still! I'm sure he was just waiting for us to go to bed so that he could crawl into my unsuspecting mouth as I snored. (based on the statistic/myth that we swallow bugs in our sleep) *shiver* Of course I had Jake kill AND flush him, before I would climb in bed.

My sister taught James "peace out" where you bump the knuckles of your fisted hand with someone else. Except James just says, "peeeeease".

James also learned that his toy mop handle can reach up and touch the water dispenser on the fridge. Luckily he's only tried that trick once.

And the Daylight Savings Time thing worked. James wakes up around 8 now. Phew!

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Jessica said...

You need to get some video of your sister and James doing that.

I've been trying to get video of Seth saying "snowmobile" b/c he says "snow-wheel" and I think it's darn cute.