Monday, March 24, 2008

It Happened to Me!

I never thought this would happen but yesterday I actually locked my keys in my car. While it was running!!! Thankfully I was in my uncle's driveway and there were a ton of people there.

For my birthday last year, my inlaws gave me a remote start system for the Jeep. We finally got around to getting it installed in February. (My birthday is in May) So I've had it for about a month now but I'm still getting used to using it. Like remembering to turn the defrosters on high before I shut off the engine.

One of the "neat" new features this remote start has, is that it automatically locks all doors when you turn the key on. Previously, the doors wouldn't lock until you started driving. Last week at the grocery store, after I had James secured in his carseat, I opened the drivers door, started the engine and threw my purse on the seat so the car could heat up as I loaded the grocery bags. I emptied the cart and shut Jamie's door. Then I remembered that I bought gum and tried to open the door again. It was locked! Thank goodness I had left the drivers door open or else James, my purse & cell phone would have all been locked in a running vehicle. I don't know what I would have done.

So-at my uncle's house, my dad, sister and I went outside to move our vehicles because my cousin & sister were leaving. I was sitting in the running Jeep when my cousin came outside, so I got out to hug him. My uncle's driveway is narrow, so I had to shut my door to avoid stepping in mud. I gave him a hug, turned to open the door, and yes-it was locked. I was surprised and then immediately realized what had happened. My dad started laughing at me and my sister asked "Don't you carry a spare?" No. I only have 2 Jeep keys and like to leave one at home in case something ever happens and someone has to come get it. And did you know it's $75 for another key? There are chips in them so you can't just run to your favorite key copier with it.

My dad moved his truck so my cousin could get out but unfortunately I was blocking my sister in. I was so annoyed by the situation. We live 15-20 minutes away, so we could get the key, but what a waste of time and gas. When I shut the door, it wasn't closed all the way so my dad instructed me to go inside and get a coat hanger. He was going to try to either hit the power window to open the window, or hook the lock and unlock the door. It had to be a funny sight, the three of us crowded around the door, my dad jimmying around with the coat hanger, my sister and I pulling on the door to give the hanger a little more room. Every so often he'd come close, and miss, and the three of us would all say, "Awwwwwww" in chorus. I asked him if he felt like he was playing one of those crane, toy, games. Well wouldn't you know-after about 10 minutes he was able to hit the unlock? (which is crazy because unlock requires pulling a lever up while opening a window requires pushing down) My sister and I jerked car doors open as if they were going to automatically lock again. Dad was the hero of the day!

So, after this lesson, I'm going to carry my old key fabs in my purse (or coat pocket?) for their unlock function until we can get over to the shop and have that stupid function shut off. I definately do NOT want to be in a situation like that again.


Dana J. Tuszke said...

I've locked my keys in my car so many times, it's unreal. And each time, my dad has come to my rescue, with a coat hanger, too (the window was cracked and he managed to hit the unlock button!) Glad it all worked out for you!

Teriana said...

I've locked my keys in my car several times. I have a hide-a-key on the car, but I often neglect to put it back from the last time I used it. The last time I locked my keys in my car, it cost me $45 to have a wrecker unlock it 'cause my hide-a-key was 150 miles away. I need a spare key for my hide-a-key.

Jessica said...

I've locked me keys in the car so many times that I just don't lock it anymore. If I ever move someplace where I have to start locking the car on a regular basis, I'm in so much trouble.

I occasionally listen to Car Talk on NPR. A woman called in to tell them about losing her one and only key to the car and discovering that the car maker (Toyota? Audi? I don't remember) charge $2,500 for a new one. That's right. Two thousand five hundred dollars. The Car Talk guys naturally agreed that it was crazy and said they'd never heard of a key costing more than $500 -- to which I said, "What? Five hundred dollars??" So maybe $75 isn't so bad. :)

Indigo said...

LOL! I don't mean to laugh, but this is hilarious. (I, of course, have managed to do this too)