Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Things that are Annoying

1. That I can't get the new gravel siphon I bought today, since the one we already have is too big for this small tank, to work! Arghhhhhh! I don't know who this whole process is more traumatic for, me or the fish. The only water I'm getting out of this "self starting" siphon is what I am splashing all over the floor and counter trying to get the flow going. Anyone have any helpful tips? And no I am not going to put my mouth on the end of the tube and suck.

2. When I came online to check out siphon tips, I noticed here that my sitemeter/counter is not showing up. I just played around in Sitemeter and alternated with html code and java code and it still isn't showing up. What the f%#$?????

Okay-I have to go try to put my fish tank back together without blowing another gasket.

Edited to Add: The damn siphon is going back to Petsmart. There must be something wrong with it. Yesterday Jake suggested that the larger siphon had a long enough tube to reach from the kitchen to the bathroom sink and after trying it today, he was right. It has a "magic" attachment that you connect to the faucet which gets a vacuum going. We couldn't attach it to the kitchen faucet because of the type of faucet/sprayer we have. So pretty much I bought the new one for nothing and to rub salt in my wound-I should have listened to my husband's suggestion. Damn! Add that to the list of what's annoying.


Jessica said...

Oh, yeah. I hate it when hubby's right. So annoying.

Teriana said...

Does your husband know yet that he was right? It might not be too late to hide the evidence so he never knows and starts thinking he gets to be right in the future.

Joanne said...

Oh-I am sure I ould have gotten away with it...however, since he is allowed to be right once a year, I figured I'd just get it out of the way now.