Monday, January 28, 2008

Overcoming Fear

This was a Christmas gift for James from one of his grandmas and up until now he would only look and point at it. Occasionally he would touch it but if it turned on, he ran screaming. He is finally over his fear! Look out Tony Danza-there's a new boss in town.


Jessica said...

Is there supposed to be a photo? Cuz I can't see it, and I'm dying to know what Jamie was so frightened of.

Seth is the same way. He's scared of certain kinds of music.

For some reason it reminds my of my friend Amy's dog. One day Amy brought home a large stuffed dog, and their dog, Comet, was scared to death. For months, Comet wouldn't go anywhere near that dog. Finally, Comet started to warm up to it, so what do I do? I kicked the stuffed one and made a growling noise. Comet ran away yelping. In my defense, I was just playing. I didn't actually know that Comet was afraid of the toy.

Joanne said...

Sorry. I was having a problem with google video. It was showing in the preview but not when I published the post. I finally had to just switch to Photobucket.

Ha! Your story reminds me of the story behind this. James was terrified of my vacuum, and finally started warming up to it and being ok with me vacuuming. Then we were at my mom's and she jokingly pretended her vacuum was going to "get" James. Thanks mom! Of course then he was scared again which is why she bought him the vacuum for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

ha - i love that: new boss in town. :)