Friday, December 28, 2007

The Big Day

The stress of the holiday season is just about over and before the new year begins, I've decided to squeeze in some surgery. Today at 8:40, I'll be over at my oral surgeon's office having my three wisdom teeth removed. Yee-haw. Grand. Wonderful.

It had to get done and since we've already met our dental deductible for the year, I (Jake) wanted to try to get me squeezed in before 2008. And lucky for me, they had an opening. This means the $1300 surgery will have zero co-pay. So-think positive thoughts for me today. While this surgery is no big deal, I am totally not looking forward to the recovery.

In other news, Christmas was pretty darn good. Kind of stressful as we had to run to three different houses, but we got to spend time with family, have good meals, awesome gifts, and James had a ball. I'll have to post some pics when I get a a chance.

And what is this?:

The first loaf of bread from the breadmaker I got for Christmas. It's so easy and fun! This loaf isn't even cool yet and I can't wait to make more. I got a lot of cool stuff this year including a leather jacket, ton of cookbooks & parenting books, a stand alone mixer, notecards, baking pans, and the dvd Pan's Labyrinth which I think I will be watching during my recovery this weekend. It's supposed to be sooooo good. I am hoping it will help take my mind off of everything.

Well, it is late. Time for me to pop the bread out of the baking pan and jump in bed.

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