Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mama Mia!

This was the scene after waking James from a nap. No-I don't usually wake him from naps, however, he refused an a.m. nap, and by late afternoon was a real crabcake. I put him down for an hour and a half before dinner. I couldn't just let him keep sleeping!

Holy cats was he a mess! (And I thought a nap would do him good) He was crying, carrying on, and inconsolable. He wanted a drink and since it was right before dinner, I only gave him half a cup of water. He wanted soy milk, so he was pissed off. What finally calmed him down was viewing a cell phone video of himself crying. Isn't his hair great? Don't you just want to kiss his poor face? No, mean mommy didn't give in and give him milk. He had to eat dinner first.

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Jessica said...

Baby's Daddy used to take Seth to bathroom mirror to "see the crybaby." It usually worked.

Don't worry about being Mean Mommy. You'll never be as mean as I am. :)