Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mail Call

Here's the mail, it never fails.
It makes me want to wag my tail.
When it comes I want to wail - Mail!

(Steve was the best on Blues Clues)

I got some awesome snail mail this week:

First I got a package from Lille Punkin' Reviews for a newsletter subscribers only giveaway winner. When you sign up for their newsletter you are entered every month for a drawing for great prizes. The package I received had prizes sponsored by Preggie Pops, Scholastic, and Gerber. Check this stuff out:

Yes-there is a mini Build-a-Bear character & books to encourage reading and teams, samples of Expecta (which I took while pregnant and breastfeeding), a Gerber infant spoon, Preggie Pops candy drops, a sample of Gerber Graduates Fruit Strips, a Gerber pin, coupons, wrapping ribbon... such an awesome array of items!

If you've never checked out Lille Punkin' Reviews, it's a website that offers unbiased reviews on the latest products. According to Kylinsmom:

All of the products that we review have been tested personally by me and my family. We do not accept payment for any kind of review, however, we are sponsored by select companies and these advertisements are clearly marked as such.

I also got my free snack from Kashi!

Notice there is no photo of the cookie? That's because I scarfed it down as soon as I got it out of the package. It was pretty good for a "healthy" snack and I would probably buy it again. The only drawback is it contains nuts which as we all know, James is allergic to. (lucky for me he was napping when I got it)

To finish off the week, Friday I got a lil' card from my friend Laurie. She was recently home for a surprise birthday party and I got to see her. The last time we got together was for her daughter's first birthday. Jake and I weren't even engaged then! She lives in Georgia and when she comes home we always miss each other somehow. It was so nice to chat face to face.

I also got the newest copy of Real Simple! (Christmas edition) It's the best magazine.

Did I mention that I love getting mail?

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Kylinsmom said...

Glad to see you got your package! Thanks for being a subscriber!