Friday, November 30, 2007

Crossing the Finish Line

I did it! I didn't come up with a Thursday Thirteen for this week, but this is my final post of the month for NaBloPoMo. I am so proud of myself! There were a few times where I struggled, but for the most part, posting every day wasn't too bad. That being said, I think though, I may take a week off to catch up on non-blogging things like-THE HOLIDAYS!

I'm starting to feel panicked that there are only like 25 days until Christmas and we still have a lot of things to do. The fact that Jake doesn't seemed concerned that we have no idea what to get for our parents, and his brother, and we haven't bought much makes me feel even more anxious.

I did unpack all the Christmas decorations yesterday though. The majority is out and I'll finish the rest when we get our tree up. Decorating was a bit of a challenge though now that James is into the 'I'll touch everything I can get my hands on, especially if it isn't mine' phase. I couldn't put a majority of the stuff in the usual favorite places. (So some areas are a little more tightly decorated) But our home does look festive inside. We have to put the rest of our lights up outside. I love the look of homes decorated with lights!

The ice skating scene on my fridge is an advent calendar. Isn't it cute? I bought it a few years ago and just keep using it every year. Each day has a fun holiday activity like, "drink hot chocolate" or "cuddle a teddy bear". Tomorrow we can open the first day. I'm thinking when James is older, I'll make an advent calendar with compartments for treats, or activities, or something fun. Maybe we'll make it together.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in National Blog Posting Month. If you missed any of my posts for the month, you can click here: November.

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