Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkins, Produce and Scary Teeth

Seems as though we're all taking turns passing a cold between each other. Jake was sick, then James and I. I am feeling a bit better but James has a terrible cough we can't seem to get rid of. And today Jake feels like crap again.

Here's our cutie with Blue's Clue's ears. I'm also still dealing with the tooth issue. My problem is that my two wisdom teeth never fully grew in. My dentist refers to them as "partially erupted". The nice little openings in my gums where they peek out often acts like a black hole for items like rice, granola, and popcorn kernels...sucking them in to hiding. Typically when I brush and clean they find their way out again. But not always and this can result in a minor irritation or full blown infection with antibiotics. Since my teeth have been this way, my dentist constantly reminds me that I should have them removed by an oral surgeon. I previously justified not doing it because I've never had any problems. Now I've had 2 major infections in the past few years so I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and do it. I was telling Jake that I'd rather give birth again than experience the pain associated with a toothache. I decided to spare you the trauma of seeing an actual photo. Trust me, it's scary and ugly!

In other news-we carved our pumpkins last night with my mom, brother, and sister. Not being able to shovel handfuls of toasted pumpkin seeds down my throat was a little diasppointing, but still it was fun.

After we got home and put James to bed I hastily hurried outside to gather the last of our vegetables from our garden because they were calling for frost. There were so many tomatoes still on the vine that were just too small to pick. And the only pumpkin we got out of the six pumpkin plants should have actually matured more.

This was the scene this morning. Looks like a light dusting of snow, doesn't it? Winter is really on its way.

*edited to add: Yes, that is a cigarette butt thing in the last picture. After I posted I thought, man, I hope no one thinks that I smoke when they see it. It's actually for my parents and Jake's dad. We are a smoke free house so when they come over, they must go outside for their bad habit.


Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

Awesome pumpkins! And feel better soon!

Jennifer said...

What a cute picture of Jamie! I like the jack-o-lanterns. They came out great!