Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 08/02/07

13 Pieces of Trash I Saw on My Morning Walk

Annoying! There is so much garbage on the side of my little country road.

1. A torn car floor mat-because you decide mid-drive, "F- this thing once and for all!"

2. Two coffee cup sleeves-neither Starbucks! (That's because Starbuckers recycle)

3. Popped out lens from blue mirrored sunglasses-You didn't notice it fall out? "Everything suddenly looks brighter in my right eye...why is that?"

4. A McDonald's sandwich wrapper-C'mon now, you couldn't wait until you got home to throw that out?

5. One red & one blue poker chip-Guess that crazy game of poker by the blue bridge got out of hand.

6. Three florescent green beads-Somewhere a leprechaun is crying.

7. A folded paper with the Hallmark Gold Crown letterhead-"Those bastards gypped me 100 points so I'm going to throw my letter on the ground in anger!"

8. A piece of shag carpet measuring about 6x6 inches. It's seen some weather. You didn't know it wasn't biodegradable?

9. A shard from a CD with what looks like part of "Benjamin" written on it in sharpie. Guess that relationship is over. Shredders will shred Cd's, no need to pollute.

10. 2 straws-Well jeez, you pitched the straws, why not the cups?

11. A spark plug-I didn't realize that those can just jump out of your engine. (Why else would it be lying there on the side of the road?)

12. A baby pacifier-I bet the rest of that walk was fun.

13. The bag from a McDonald's toy-must be the a**hole from #4's kid.

Happy Thursday! Give a hoot and don't pollute! (remember that campaign?)


Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

I run on a dirt road and you would be shocked at the crap I find out there and haul to the nearest trash. People! sigh.

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Yes, it always amazes me how much utter trash people just throw out the window.

Anonymous said...

I hate trash on the ground but I can definately tell you that at least the rest of the walk for #12 was NOT fun! LOL

Jen to da fer said...

Litterbugs tick me off BIG TIME! Probably one of my biggest peaves is smokers who just toss it out the window and MAYBE snuff it out first, but still end up tossing it out. Smokers should be used to their hair, clothes, fingers, and breath stinking as well as the environment they live in, they should do everyone else a favor and keep the stench and carcinogenic crap left in the filters in their own filthy smelling car and for once be responsible and empty out their car ashtray. It isn't that difficult! Ok, I'll step off my soapbox now.

Jessica said...

The pacifier was probably mine! (Oh, wait. I live in Michigan and have never been to New York. I guess it wasn't mine.) We lose those darn things all the time!

P.S. Thank Kelly for stopping by my blog. :) I replied to her comment.

J. Lynne said...

CDs aren't biodegradable either. That's what MP3 players are for. That way when the relationship is over, you can just delete the playlist.


Happy belated TT!