Friday, August 10, 2007

Super Easy Summer Pasta

We have a family reunion to head to today and the rules are: "Barbeque and beverages provided, bring a side dish or dessert to pass". Call me lazy, but I like to make something that is quick and easy, but obviously something people will enjoy. So I made this:

I call it-"Super Easy Summer Pasta". I got the idea while browsing the Wegmans ad one Sunday. They had a similar pasta and it was $$ a pound. I thought I'd share my version because it's so simple and cheap to make and it tastes so good.

1 one pound box of penne (store brand)
1 can of chi chi (garbanzo) beans (store brand)
1 can of sliced olives (store brand)
1 package of cherry or grape tomatoes
1 brick of mozzarella cheese cut into cubes (what ever is on sale)
Italian salad dressing (I like using a "house" blend)
dried basil

-Cook the pasta leaving it slightly al dente and drain.
-Drain the chi chi beans and olives and dump onto pasta.
-Dump the tomatoes into the pasta. If you are feeling gourmet, you can slice the tomatoes in half.
-Add the cheese cubes.
-Mix the pasta well.
-Add basil and dressing to taste.

I like to add enough dressing to wet the pasta, but not so much that it's super coated. But-that's up to you.

If you have left overs and store the pasta, you may need to add a bit more dressing when you serve it again. Often times the noodles absorb it and become a little dry. And that's it! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

just think how good it would be with fresh basil! :)

That Blue Girl said...

I bet it would be awesome. Jake also suggested pepperjack cheese for the next time I make it. Add a little ZING.