Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Party's Over Here!

Yesterday Jake had his surgery and everything went really well. I will post more details at another time. However, to celebrate today, we had a mini fiesta with fresh guacamole and chips.

Ha ha ha, it's no coincidence that my Guac Squad guacamole prize pack arrived this morning. After we left the hospital and rushed to the fill Jake's prescription for pain meds before the pharmacy closed, I made sure to pick up a bag of salsa chips so we were prepared when the shipment got here. But all kidding aside, it really is good guacamole! It has a rich avacado flavor and chunks of tomato and onion. Jake declared it "the best guac I've ever tasted" with his first bite which I thought meant he was making fun of the fact that I won guacamole but he insisted he was being sincere. He did polish off a huge portion of the chips and dip on his own though. We tried original and still have organic and guac-salsa to sample. AND they gave me a pretty heavy duty apron too.

I LOVE trying new products. So-I just want to thank goodyblog and Sylvia over at BowWow Marketing for coordinating this delicious and fun contest give-away. Thanks!

*Speaking of give-aways and new products, if you haven't signed up for Sharing Point yet, they are still looking for blogging mamas & dadas with families to become involved and try out new products. Their first campaign is underway with more to follow. Join now!

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