Saturday, August 11, 2007

It Just Cracks Me Up

Everytime I see it! I don't know where this picture originated but I've received it at least a dozen times in "Why I Love Kids" or "Kids are Fun" or "Why Dads Should Not Babysit" or some other wacky forward with funny kid pics. Anyhow-here it is again:


Jen to da fer said...

Now the question is...."Was it PERMANENT MARKER?"

Jessica said...

I love this one, but my favorite is the baby in the sink with the dirty dishes. :) It probably arrived in the same email as this pic.

Dana said...

I can actually sympathize with that. When my son was just about a week old, my 2 year old go ahold of some liquid paper and "painted" his face.

That Blue Girl said...

Ha ha-looks like crayola magic marker to me.

I've seen the baby in the sink too. Yick!

Uh-oh to the liquid paper. Was it difficult to get off?