Sunday, September 02, 2007

08/14/07 Surgery Story

You probably won't find the details very humorous but this IS my blog which also serves as a journal in addition to entertainment purposes. I just wanted to preserve for myself a few details of Jake's arthroscopic knee surgery.

The morning started with us arriving at the ambulatory surgical center and being told that surgery was being cancelled. We were not too surprised as nothing in our relationship has ever gotten off without some kind of hitch. His surgery last year actually had to be rescheduled since he woke up the day of-with a cold. Apparently the center's emergency generator wasn't working and they cannot do surgery without it. (Completely acceptable reason to us but disappointing never-the-less) They told us to wait because they'd reschedule our surgery for later that week. However when the doctor spoke to us, he let us know we were being rescheduled for afternoon surgery at the affiliated hospital around the corner. Thank the lord! It was already over a month since he had injured his knee. So we went home for two hours and then headed to the hospital.

Surgery went well despite the fact that it looked like "a bomb went off" in Jake's knee (as his doctor put it). His meniscus was repaired as well as adjusting the ligaments around his knee cap to keep it from dislocating again as this is the 3rd time it's happened in his life. Because his meniscus was repaired and not removed, the result is no weight on that knee for six weeks. Jake's had to adjust to using crutches and physical therapy three times a week is going well with everyone happy with his progression.

Only a few more weeks til he can walk again and things can return to normal. Well, as normal as they can get in our house. And trust me, we are counting the days here.

Here's something I learned from his physical therapist: (a tip for using crutches on stairs)

"The good go up to heaven & the bad go down to hell."
So-on stairs, when you are going up, your good leg goes first. Going down, your bad goes first.

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Dallas said...

Interesting tip - that saying will help me remember it. I hope your husband is feeling better soon.