Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wigging Out!

Last night while Jake and I were watching the movie Ghostrider (such a ridiculous movie!) I ran into the kitchen to let the dog outside. Just as I was about to head back into the living room, my eyes caught something moving on the ceiling. I immediately suspected a spider since our home has tons of them outside, so I flicked on the lights. Up above was one of the ugliest bugs I've ever seen. It's tail kind of reminded me of a scorpion and immediately gave me the shivers. I went back into the living room leaving the light on the kitchen (so I knew where that nasty thing was at all times!) and told Jake he had to kill the "ugly bug" when the movie was over.

As I glanced at the thing hanging out on the ceiling I was suddenly horrified by the thought that it could have fallen down into my hair while I was in the kitchen and then that's when it hit me, that bug was an earwig! My mind recalled the post "Raining Bugs" by Jessica at Got Milk?.

Jake confirmed my suspicions at the disappointing end of Ghostrider when he captured the bug and flushed it down the toilet for me. *shiver* The thought of that ugly thing still makes me want to puke.


Jessica said...

Ugh! They're horrible. My in-laws even say they bite. And wikipedia says "they rarely fly." Is that supposed to be comforting?? (shudder)

Anonymous said...


Jen to da fer said...

That would creep me out too. What really gets me sometimes is not SEEING the actual but just seeing and feeling the effects. Like I can remember cabin camping in Letchworth State Park when I was 16 yrs. old. I woke up to find a patch of skin on my thigh pink and puffy about 3" x 3" in diameter! Obviously a spider had gotten me and I had a BAD reaction where it bit me.