Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Play on Words

While I was prepping Jamie's lunch this morning, I decided to try out the french fry cutter we've had in our cupboard for 3 years now that we've never used (and have no idea where it came from). I thought James might like to try some baked fries. The directions were printed right on the box but before I even read them, I noticed this little figure:

I thought it was pretty humorous that they'd put a figure of the "Grim Reaper" on the side of a french fry slicer box. "Ha ha ha-eat those french fries and have a heart attack!" It almost looks like he is daring you to slice your fingers or something, "Insert hand here and push on handle". But then on closer inspection...he isn't the Grim Reaper at all. I give you:

The French Friar! *just shakes head & groans* I think this guy belongs over at Bad Joke Wednesday.


Sarah said...

*dies laughing*
I love it ... the French Friar!
He does look like the GR though!

Anonymous said...

i got you that french friar. jerk.


but seriously -- i thought he was a monk even in the first picture. must be all that time i spent with the nun...

Lara Croft said...

Too funny! Thank you for visiting my site! I'm enjoying doing the Thursday Thirteen and getting to know knew people such as yourself! Talk to you soon - LC